No thought is original, but I thought of these concepts. If you dig these types of campaigns, I can make them for your social media or website.

Quarantine Vitamins

As a response to the United Nations’ call for creatives to spread messages of kindness, I’m introducing Quarantine Vitamins. These Quarantine Vitamins are habits & activities that will sustain you in the long run, even if you’re not a creative.

Life in your hands.

This campaign’s message still adheres to one of the United Nations’ key points in messaging in their open-to-all creative brief, Personal Hygiene. We don’t have to be front liners to practice proper hand hygiene. Let’s save lives by washing our hands properly.

You’re not that family.

You are a family. This is a social media post I made for the 2020 Pride Month for The Tiny Seconds Instagram and Facebook page, and my personal LinkedIn account.

Want something like those on your social media or website?