I finally took a bite of the fruit.

But Satan didn’t put me up to it.

A few days ago, I received my first ever MacBook Air. It has the much-coveted M1 chip.

Long story short, it was all worth the agonizing anticipation.

I’m very happy with my purchase, so I made sure to leave the seller, Techno Junkies, a recommendation.

Mind you, the transition hasn’t been peachy. I’ve been a Windows user for almost 10 years. I’m still struggling with right-clicking.

Still, the perks compensate for the adjustments.

I love how fast this machine is. Having been using a laptop with an Intel core i5 processor, I can really tell the blatant difference.

I’m not a textbook “heavy” user — I don’t edit videos and photos — but I can still beat up a laptop because I use Chrome for working.

So, I’m more than happy that I chose this model.

With that said, I’m still expecting issues in the future. But I doubt that it will be devastating.

By Tricia Hingpit

conversion copywriter & UX writer from Davao City, Philippines.

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