Why the Bajada Green Coffee (BGC) is loved

The well-beloved coffee shop in Bajada recently said its goodbyes. Here’s why many people love it.

On Green Coffee’s recent post about BGC closing its doors, many young professionals expressed their thoughts in the comments section.

After reading just a few, it’s not hard to see why this branch is loved.

Everyone has special memories of the place. A majority of those are not exactly epic like having a first kiss or winning a big competition—these are moments where they quietly toiled towards something.

As you can see, people don’t always visit coffee shops because of the coffee. Not everyone is a coffee quality expert. Not everyone is blessed to have grown with parents who have a good taste for expensive, “real” coffee.

So, you have to be a bit naïve to think that people only go to coffee shops to drink premium coffee or talk business. 

BGC, like many coffee shops, perfectly fit the criteria of “third places,”—establishments that we visit to feel warmth and comfort—where we can be with our friends, old and new.

That’s why many young people felt sad when they announced that it closed. It was a place that gave us a sense of stability in times of uncertainty.

To younger Millennials and Gen Z kids who are still learning to be adults, places like BGC are significant. Symbolic, even.

I hope that things will get better as soon as possible. People need third places like BGC. Hanging out in those places is not about being katkat or social climbing. It never was. People need to realize this and stop seeing everything from their worldview.

After all, we are people and not machines. Sometimes, we just need to stop and smell the coffee.

By Tricia Hingpit

conversion copywriter & UX writer from Davao City, Philippines.

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