I’ve had enough of knowledge.

I’ve had enough of knowing about how many people died, how COVID-19 kills the immune system, how people are baking their sourdough bread…

It’s important to be in the know. I know people just want to stay alert. Everybody just does their best to survive.

But I’ve had enough.

I want to wonder and wander again and not get warned. I want to realize — to be astonished — to answer why, not what.

They say that we are now grieving for the loss of certainty; however, I feel the opposite.

I grieve for the joy I felt in aimlessness and in not knowing what’s next. I miss getting lost in the streets.

Last night, I dreamed about being around strangers in coffee shops and wondering about their stories.

To me, the world was chaotic in its own charming way.

Order is necessary for survival, but it took away the magic that randomness brought.

I’ve had enough of knowing everything.

I want to be nothing again.

By Tricia Hingpit

conversion copywriter & UX writer from Davao City, Philippines.

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