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Two Kinds of Help

I was at Citi Hardware earlier, looking for a universal adapter.

Noticing there weren’t any adapters left, I asked help from one of the store clerks.

He checked the stash for a while and shrugged.

“Looks like we’re out of stock, ma’am,” he said.

Being the persistent and annoying girl that I am, I looked around and thought, “With the size of their facility, it’s impossible that they don’t have any pieces left.”

A few minutes later, another employee came to assist me. He said, “How can I help you?”

I said I needed two universal adapters.

He nodded and walked away. Several minutes passed and he came back with two universal adapters.

Obviously, I thanked him sincerely and gave him my smile.

I am not judging anyone and saying the second person is better than the first. I’m not perfect.

However, I realized that many people can offer help, but not all of them can truly ‘help’ us.

Initiative makes a difference.

People who go out of their way to help you are the true, hidden universal adapters this world needs.

By Tricia Hingpit

conversion copywriter & UX writer from Davao City, Philippines.

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