Tricia Hingpit | Copywriter

I write.
You win.

I’m helping businesses sell more with my words.

She learns quick,
delivers promptly,
and is professional
to work with.

Betsy Tulio, Join2gether

Highly recommended. Great service with positive results.
Fast and personalized.

Yvonne Garcia, La Bodeguita

She has commendable work ethics and the knack to proactively take on any challenge head on. 

Sweetie Marie Dinopol, Fullerton Markets


I write landing pages, scripts for videos, and social media campaigns. I founded a copywriting service, The Tiny Seconds. She’s my baby!

Content Management

I can also lead a team of killer in-house writers and content specialists.

Brand Growth

I can write your brand books—brand story, brand positioning, and campaigns.


Want advice about copywriting, content management and freelance writing work? We can talk.


Writer & Editor at Ardor SEO

2017 – 2019

I wrote blog posts and landing pages for our clients. I also prepared content frameworks and worked alongside with the outreach specialist.

In-House Copywriter at Gamma Web Ltd.

2019 – Present

I write long-form content and copy for our websites: iColorapp, The Auto Sunday, zShot, Photo Video Lounge, and All About Tiny Houses.

Check out how I write.

Opportunities are Soiled by Wrong Motivations

A homeless person can have as many ideas as a mid-level executive in Manhattan. The only line that separates them is opportunity. The former will have almost none. The latter will be drowning in it, but he’ll only waste it if his motivations are selfish or shortsighted. I was watching Prince of Egypt last night, […]

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