Tricia Hingpit | Copywriter

I’m a little too obsessed with writing copy that it’s embarrassing.



I founded a copywriting service, The Tiny Seconds. My services include writing landing pages, social media ads, blog posts, and explainer video scripts.

Content Management

I can lead a team of in-house writers and content specialists. I provide critiques and coaching. If you want to grow a team of killer in-house writers, I’m your girl.

Brand Growth

I work with business owners and digital marketing executives on growing their brand. I pen their campaign ideas.


If you want advice about copywriting, branding, or remote or freelance writing work, just buy me coffee and we can talk!


Writer & Editor at Ardor SEO

2017 – 2019

I wrote blog posts and landing pages for our clients. I also prepared content frameworks and worked alongside with the outreach specialist.

In-House Copywriter at Gamma Web Ltd.

2019 – Present

I write long-form content. I edit my teammate’s work and provide critiques. I also manage the content in a site about iPhone photography.